Bathing Services

At Doran’s, we believe clean pets lead to happy owners!  Our trained staff provides bathing services for every dog as part of their obedience training. We offer bathing as an optional add-on service for dogs who board with us.  We also offer bathing as a standalone service.

Any member of our staff is trained in handling bathing services.  Out bathing service consists of a dog shampoo then a clean rinse.  Next, we apply a hair conditioner and allow this to work into their coat.  Finally, we rinse them clean and off to the dryer they go!

We use a hand-held high speed blower to quickly remove any loose hair and  water.  Then we use a low speed dryer attached to their kennel to continuously blow dogs dry.  On nice days we may leave the door to the runs open so the dog can dry in the sunshine.


  • Bathing Services w/ a training program: FREE!
  • Bathing Services while boarding: $8.00
  • Bathing Services (standalone): $20.00
Dog Obedience Training

Doran’s Basic Obedience Course is a two week course in which we board and do the training.

Puppy Training

Train your puppy effectively with proven results.


At Doran’s Canine College, your dog will be loved and well taken care of.


Keep your dog happy & clean.

Doran's Canine College

At Doran’s, we strive to offer the best in training and boarding for your dog(s). While here, your dog will be well fed and cared for. We hire only personnel whose history shows their love for animals, especially dogs.

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