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Doran’s Basic Obedience Course is a two week course in which we board and do the training.

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Train your puppy effectively with proven results.


At Doran’s Canine College, your dog will be loved and well taken care of.


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Doran's Canine College

At Doran’s, we strive to offer the best in training and boarding for your dog(s). While here, your dog will be well fed and cared for. We hire only personnel whose history shows their love for animals, especially dogs.

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At 5 months of age, I brought my Belgian Malinois to Doran’s Canine College for obedience training.  Brett and Jessica worked diligently and with care.  I left for vacation the next day.  They kept Bear boarded for 2 1/2 weeks during obedience training.  When I returned, I made two trips to Doran’s for “human training”.  I was taught how to handle, how to talk to and how to discipline my dog.  The training he received is still effective today.  I like that they offer free tune-ups as well so if Bear ever was to start disobeying, we can bring him in and they will help us.

The staff is excellent- Walt is the man, a living legend in the dog training world.  They are very accommodating and their facilities are clean.

I would strongly recommend Doran’s to my closest friends and family, and to you.

Matt Erney

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